Welcome to ViNAS Toolbox!

ViNAS (Virtual Nanomaterial Simulation) toolbox is an open-source web portal aimed at collecting and annotating nanomaterials with virtual structure information and tested assay response information. ViNAS toolbox is broken into two complementary, overlapping databases. The ViNAS database contains 736 nanomaterial records containing metadata, such as core type, core shape, and surface chemistry information and references. Additionally, a simulated virtual nanostructure is available for download in pdb format. The second database ViNAS-Assay contains bioassay response information for nanomaterials on 25 assays.

To get started exploring nanomaterials, click the "Search ViNAS" link above. Or, to browse ViNAS Assays, click the "Search Assay" link above. Additionally, you can explore by different nanomaterial groups in the "Explore ViNAS" option.